Talleres Santa Eulalia supports the Paralympic triathlete Dani Molina.

Talleres Santa Eulalia participates in a project to sponsor an athlete.

Since we learned about the story of self-improvement of the triathlete Dani Molina, and the magnificent work that Sponsor an Athlete does in the Olympic and Paralympic world; We do not hesitate to bet on him and his path to Tokyo 2020.
At Talleres Santa Eulalia we are committed to values such as resilience, perseverance and perseverance. Dani's story begins at the age of three, when he started swimming at the Metropol Club in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and at the age of four, he did his first competition.
His career in sports continued throughout his childhood and adolescence, not only sticking to swimming; But at the age of 13 he began to practice other sports such as tennis, athletics and windsurfing. Thus his life continued normally until, at the age of 22, after a tragic motorcycle accident, his life changed.

triatleta paralímpico Dani Molina sobre su bicicleta.

Although in this incident he lost his right leg below the knee, Dani did not let this incident prevent him from continuing with what he is most passionate about: sports.

After going through various operations, problems with the prosthesis and a year of recovery until he could walk again, he made the decision to swim again and venture into triathlon. This is how he has managed to become champion of the World, Europe and Spain for two consecutive years.

triatleta paralímpico Dani Molina ganando una competencia.

At Talleres Santa Eulalia we are committed to people like Dani, who fight to meet their goals and self-improve despite the difficulties. This same purpose is what emanates in each of our new projects.
Each new challenge that is presented to us is a new opportunity to improve ourselves and thus be able to provide all our clients with increasingly excellent service.



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