Sustainability and Quality with Acoat Selected

We are very excited to be part of the network of added values of AkzoNobel's Acoat Selected and to connect with people, show them the great work we do at Talleres Santa Eulalia.

Added value network

Reunión con Josep Guiro - Acoat Selected

We had the opportunity to meet Toni Olea CEO of Santa Eulalia Workshops and Josep Guiró, Country Cluster Manager France, Iberia, Middle East and Africa of AkzoNobel Vehicle Refinishes EMEA. 

They talked about their experience in Acoat Selected, a network that offers added value to accompany the workshop in its professionalization process, with service solutions, management tools, consulting agreements with companies for channeling workflows and color tools and innovation products.

It was an interesting conversation – there was a lot to talk about! Here we offer some highlights from this interesting conversation.

The value proposition of Acoat Selected, a network of added values, is based on three pillars:

  • The first is the professionalization of the workshop, with the support of the network so that the centers can adapt to a reality that changes increasingly rapidly.
  • The second has to do with being part of a group as a common platform to share problems and solutions, instead of being isolated.
  • The third is the business platform, being part of a highly qualified network that can provide access to complementary work volumes.

The types of workshop

For the manager, workshops with a higher profile and a vision of quality, which involves greater business effort, tend to achieve superior results "it is the workshop that makes the decision to train to continue being competitive in a constantly evolving market, Acoat Selected follows them with a sequence of tools, consultancies, training, but the credit goes to the workshops.”

For Olea “it is essential to exercise quality not only in composure, which is important, but in the service that is provided. In the medium term, the workshops will differ in the type of service, due to cost issues. You cannot offer a Premium service to those who value you as Low and, for that, you must choose what type of buyer you want to aspire to, since the time and resources used are the same, however the productivity involved in serving them, to continue maintaining “quality standards, no.” 

And brands and network projects such as those offered by AkzoNobel accompany the workshop in being able to make a difference through high service levels, not through cost.

The park and the workshop

We mentioned the impact that today's type of fleet (increasingly older) has on the workshop and its evolution and Olea tells us "the vehicles of this age group, for the most part, at the moment do not have all-hazard insurance, so so that in mechanics the essential is done and in painting, it is not usually repaired, and if there is a fundamental blow, it goes to scrap, since the cost of repair is preeminent to the venal cost.

Guiró assures that two of the main lines that mark operations in our sector are the age of the park and the accident rate (which interacts with the mileage): “the evolution in recent years of these two changes has conditioned the volumes and the type of repairs, and the workshops have not made their lives any simpler.

Based on a criterion of organization and efficiency of the workshop, the division of operations and protocols for repairing serious and minor problems (which in 48 hours can be resolved, which continue to be more than 60% of repairs), is surely the best alternative, and our own products also help the cycles to be faster.”

Sustainability and what it will entail

Guiró points out several changes for the future: “I think the sustainability of the workshop is going to be key. I think that insurers will continue to choose as a priority to link up with workshop networks (with national coverage) and, without a doubt, the sustainability of those networks is going to be a fundamental criterion in the insurer selection process.

tres personas conversando frente a una estantería llena de botes de pintura.

For a workshop that is not under a collective umbrella, it will be quite difficult to position itself, and this is where we also try to support it by signing agreements for the network group with companies that contribute extra volumes of work."

He does not estimate that new propulsion technologies and self-sufficient transportation will predominate in the evolution of the body shop, at least for the moment "the assembly process of new generation vehicles with electric propulsion has particularities and will require that workshops They have to redouble their efforts in training their staff and, probably, the investment in specific equipment or tools, however this is saying something that Acoat Selected, a network of added values, has been promoting since its inception.

Regarding self-sufficient transportation, its technical development has not been completed, it needs the development of infrastructures that are still precarious in many industrialized nations, in addition to the regulatory framework that must be reformulated to decide dangers and responsibilities in case of misfortune.

Networks and their price

If you're thinking about joining a network, you may be wondering what the real costs are. The answer is: it depends.

We asked Olea and Guiró, members of the Acoat Selected network, what they think about the cost of being in a network. Olea was very clear: "It depends on the network." He went on to explain that “Acoat Selected offers services that are not expensive and is the best; I say it with conviction and with knowledge of the facts.

He went on to explain that other networks that do not have agreements to provide work are expensive and not profitable. When asked what he would like to see improved, he didn't think before answering: "Having more job providers, more agreements."

Guiró agrees: "at Acoat Selected, a network of added values, we try to ensure that price is not a barrier to entry." He explains that they are looking for profiles of workshops with a certain infrastructure and equipment capacity, number of operators, facilities... but, ultimately, he says that "the key is the business mentality: if the owner has the will to plan, everything else comes naturally. …We accompany you; Therefore, in some cases we are flexible.

The distribution network It is the link between the manufacturer and the workshops. In this sense, Guiró is clear: «having a diligent and professional distribution network that guarantees a high level of service and attention to the workshop, on a day-to-day basis, is essential for the selected Acoat® to be successful. They are the foundation on which everything else is built: products, accessories, technical support, etc. to satisfy the basic needs of the workshop.

At Sikkens we have the support of more than 30 distributors throughout the territory. The proposal of workshops for the network is carried out from some of them depending on the agreements, or from the team of seven consultants who are in charge of certain specific aspects in the development of the network (such as training in business schools, communication agreements or collaboration at work).

tres personas juntando sus manos.

From the distributors themselves, although there is talk of coordination and analysis between everyone to maintain key quality standards so that agreements with companies providing work to the network are maintained or expanded; Therefore, a member may leave if the commitment is not at its maximum because the image could be affected," he explains. 

The network has grown by over 100 workshops in the last 12 months, and we are delighted. We thought that upon reaching 400 there would be no more growth, but we are very happy with this new leap in the current circumstances: it shows that there are still companies that seek continuous improvement and consider that our network is the one that best accompanies them on that path. . Our ambition is not so much to grow in the number of workshops as to grow in their professionalization so that our network can continue to improve.

Many thanks to Josep Guiró for visiting us, it has been a pleasure.

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